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Revolutionising Fencing

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A brand new innovation by Munro Engineers aimed at making the exhausting job of fencing, become a walk in the park. The modular design & components make the FenceBOSS easily adaptable to your requirements.

• Prevent damage to electric fence reels
• Provide storage for temporary fence posts & other fencing components
• Provide a safer, easier & more time efficient way to reel out & retrieve portable electric fence wire

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• Cost savings – no broken reels
• No more pegs lost
• Removable peg rack for carrying
• Time efficiency – reduces labour costs
• Tax deductible
• Improves safety
• Hands free wire feed out
• Australian Made from Aluminium & Stainless Steel
• Universal module configuration for individual needs
• Adaptable to all bikes and tray backs for years to come
• Available with toolbox and lights (optional extras)